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Clone template

We have created a marketplace where you can install pre-built solutions (templates), allowing you to quickly set up all the services you need.


By choosing this option, all the necessary services will be automatically created, and you will be able to work directly with the template, eliminating the need for manual setup of individual services.

Template Marketplace

Choose the appropriate template for your project. UBOS provides a collection of ready-made templates that cover a variety of areas, including AI, bots, e-commerce, and more.


Clone a template

To provide you with a head start in your application development, UBOS platform offers the ability to clone templates in two convenient modes: Fork Template and Advanced Mode.

If you're looking for a quick and effortless way to get started, opt for the Fork Template.



In Advanced Mode, you'll be able to customize various aspects such as data sources, API integrations, and workflow components, providing you with a tailored starting point for your application.

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Template installation

This dashboard provides real-time updates on the template installation process, here you'll find a status indicator next to each service that is essential for your template.

This makes it easy to track the progress of each component as it is being installed and configured. The UBOS platform takes care of dependencies, configurations, and service initialization, letting you focus on what matters most: building your application.


Once all the required services are successfully created, as indicated by their status markers, you'll be able to proceed to the next step: working with your template for further configuration and customization.

Configuration and customization

Now that you've successfully installed all the required services for your template, it's time to dive into the exciting phase of configuration and customization.

While UBOS templates come pre-configured with a default set-up, you have the full flexibility to tweak and tailor your template to suit your specific needs and goals.